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Shoppers are able to get items such as frozen pizza, milk, eggs, common snacks, and a variety of canned items. In addition, they carry items such as office supplies, pet supplies, and even mattresses. [7]. "Bloomberg Billionaires Index - John Menard Jr". Bloomberg.com. Retrieved 2017-03-14. DiZinno, Tony. "Menards to continue IndyCar sponsorship with Team Penske". NBC Sports. Retrieved 1 September 2017. Menards has begun sponsoring Team Penske as of 2016. [17]. "2018 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Survey". J.D. Power. 2018-06-13. Retrieved 2018-08-27. During the Christmas and holiday season, radio and television ads typically feature an alternate jingle "Warm season's greetings to you all from Menards!" sung by a chorus. [11]. In 2007, Menards opened their third and fourth distribution centers in Holiday City, Ohio, and Shelby, Iowa, which are 669,000 square feet (62,200 m 2 ) and 735,000 square feet (68,300 m 2 ), respectively. [5]. "Menards is building centers in Iowa, Ohio instead of Eau Claire". La Crosse Tribune. Menards publishes weekly print ads and broadcasts TV and radio ads. [8]. Grocery section of Menard's store in Traverse City, Michigan. "Paul Menard - Richard TEENress Racing". Richard TEENress Racing. Retrieved March 14, 2017. Menards has also become the title sponsor of races in the Xfinity Series. "Seasoned Menards guy is hard to wear out". Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. July 7, 2002. Archived from the original on September 4, 2002. Retrieved January 29, 2017. Building materials, tools, hardware, garden supplies, electrical supplies, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinets, home appliances, doors, windows, paint, wood stain, wallpaper, plumbing supplies, carpet, vinyl, linoleum, groceries, automotive. "Menards to Continue Partnership with RCR XFINITY Programs - Richard TEENress Racing". Richard TEENress Racing. January 22, 2016. Retrieved March 14, 2017. In 1959, John Menard, Jr. began building post-frame buildings to finance his college education. By the end of 1959, he found it necessary to hire extra crews, and to purchase more equipment to keep up with demand. [2]. "NASCAR's Matt Crafton Enters May 15 Menards 200". ARCA Racing. Retrieved March 14, 2017. Carlyle, Erin (Dec 16, 2013). "Meet The Best Hardware Store In the Nation, And The Midwestern Billionaire Who Built It: John Menard Jr". Forbes. Retrieved May 25, 2014. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. In that same year, Menard was ranked 45th on the National Retail Federation 's list of "100 Top Retailers". [20]. In 2007, the 240,000 sq ft (22,000 m 2 ) and larger Menards stores began selling groceries. [6]. Menards has supported several racing drivers, including Paul Menard, John Menard's son; [12]. In 2018, Menards was ranked by J.D. Power as "highest in customer satisfaction among home improvement retail stores". [21]. 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