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Stp oil filters application chart:
Definition Field Listing
For a detailed analysis of your engine, click here, print out worksheet, and send to Roadrunner Engineering, per instructions on the sheet. On applications without an automatic tensioner, proper serpentine belt tension can be obtained by feel and experience. A tension gage can be very helpful, however. A "Krikit II Pocket Gauge," Dayco P/N 93866 or NAPA P/N KR2, is handy and inexpensive. A belt tension of approximately 120 lbs. is a good place to start when the belt is cold. Tension can be adjusted easily, usually by hand, using the tensioner rod. A jam nut is provided to lock the rod in place, but is not necessary. Do not over tension. Compare similar belt tension on a modern car for practice. Standard compression ratio calculators do not work for the Flathead because of the unique shape of the combustion chamber. Use this table. You can see a huge variance between the filtration ability of the filters with the Amsoil doing exceptionally well, as well as the Napa, Wix, and others doing very well also, you'll also see some doing poorly like the K&N, and Trueflow foam filter. There has even been some question of the benefits of relieving. The currently offered "French" blocks are factory relieved in a similar fashion to original Ford replacement blocks of the 59A type ('48 and earlier variety). The relief on these blocks is about.08in deep by about 1.5in wide. The improvement in flow with this relief is minimal. Some sources believe this relief was added to reduce a tendency for thermal cracking of Ford flathead blocks. One thing worth noting on here is in the difference of media. There was a wide variety tested, from fiber, synthetic fiber, gause, and foam. There were also oiled and dry variations of these medias as well. One thing I thought was interesting is that all the oiled media filters, regardless of what the media type was, performed worse than the dry filters. In fact, the last 4 filters on the chart, the pure one, fram, K&N, and Trueflow, are all of the oiled filters, the rest are all dry versions of various media materials. While with only a small sample size, we can't say that all oiled filters are worse than dry filters, but from the data we saw, it is worth noting their placement. The one-belt Roadrunner kits require an alternator that mounts on the blower snout. Either 6-volt or 12-volt units are available. The 37 amp Denso alternators previously offered, looked great but were short on power. The Roadrunner One-Belt Kits can now be ordered (currently not available) with a polished, compact, Delco 121 series alternator built especially for Roadrunner. These are not the commonly seen large one-wire GM units that will not fit. This small alternator not only looks great and fits on the blower snout like the Denso, but it delivers 80 amps. It requires no external regulator and is a two-wire hookup. One wire goes to the ignition switch and the other to the battery. The P/N is ALT7937-P. See catalog. These alternators are also available locally in satin (Lester re-builder P/N 7937). If bought locally, they must be modified by shortening the mounting "foot" to use the Roadrunner tensioning rod and to line up the drive pulley when mounted on the alternator bracket on the blower snout. Ford 7000 series, Denso and other smaller alternators can also be used when modified as above. Call for details. Supercharging results in much higher cylinder pressures than encountered with normal aspiration, and requires a good head-to-block seal. After initial head installation and head bolt torquing, four warm-up, cool-down, and re-torque cycles are recommended before operating the engine at full throttle. The 6-rib serpentine belt drive used in the Roadrunner kits will give maintenance free service in most street applications. Systems running boost pressures greater than about 6 psi however, may require periodic cleaning of the pulleys with brake cleaner and the application of a belt dressing such as made by Permatex to the belt to prevent squealing and slippage under high boost. A high boost idler assembly to increase crankshaft pulley wrap is available for 1-belt kits running over 6-psi boost. A fully automatic tensioner is also available for these kits. Any opinions contained within publications on GM Truck Central are those of the author and do not necissarily represent the views of GM Truck Central. For example, assume a 276 engine, a 142 blower (e.g. Weiand 142) and 6.6 psi boost, My conclusion from all of this is to choose your filters based on filtration ability and cost, and not to expect a performance benefit from one filter brand to the next. We received a bit of feedback from the oil filter study about including the filter prices in our price to performance comparison, since prices can vary based on location and other factors. So for this study we are not comparing the price that we obtained them at, so you will have to take the data we have collected, and compare prices that you have available to you to make your own decision about value and price vs. performance. Please visit our FORUM. All discussion, questions and comments about this article are welcome. Detailed information on flathead engine preparation and tuning is available in. My conclusion with regards to airflow is that choosing a filter type or style for 'more flow' for either performance, or fuel mileage, is useless. The benefits of simply changing from a dirty filter, to a clean one, will give more benefit, than just changing from one filter style to another. FRAM OIL FILTER PH4386, CHAMP OIL FILTER PH2840, WIX OIL FILTER 51366, MOTORCRAFT OIL FILTER FL271. So we will go over the results in general first, and follow that where you can view the notes and specifics for individual filters. Now on to the study. Each filter was tested in a few ways. We took a quick look at the construction, we tested their airflow, and examined their filtration ability. All the filters collected were for the same application to level the playing field between them. The application used was for a 1996 C1500 with a 5.7L L31 Gen1e Vortec small block Chevy. 2. The Nostalgia kit requires an Offenhauser P/N 1093 offset generator bracket (not furnished) for stock generator mounting. For the V-belt, a Gates P/N TR22570 or equivalent will be a good fit. Do not over-tension the V- belt, since the early water pumps won't take it and light tension is all that's required anyway. Flat top pistons are not recommended for most flatheads because they defeat the advantages of the Ricardo head discussed in the preceding tech tip. Most heads for the flathead Ford are domed over the piston unlike the sketch above and should use pistons with a matching dome. Unless the head is flat over the squish area of the piston (like the figure on the right in the Ricardo sketch), do not use flat top pistons. Ford head bolts are a good product! I recently completed a study where I measured the hardness (correlates with strength) of two brands of commonly available grade 8 head bolts and several stock Ford flathead head bolts. The stock pieces were identified with either a script or block letter "F" and the numbers "1041." The Ford bolts were harder (and therefore stronger) than the grade 8 pieces! NOS or good used Ford head bolts will give good service in a blown engine. Call for test data. The following graph shows the different amounts of contaminant collected, which shows the variation in the blue line resulting from the lost contaminant, as well as the trends, organized the same as the percentages graph above. You can see that the trend lines for both the contaminant passed, as well as the contaminant stopped, are converging at a very similar rate (slopes of the trend lines). These trends show that the amount of captured contaminant is related to the amount of contaminant passed, which is what we would expect to see, the more contaminant is let through the media, obviously the more will be collected on the lab filter paper, which back up the study results. Enter competitor part number(s). For multiple part number look-up, separate with a comma. Enter up to 15 part numbers. One at a time, enter your YEAR, MAKE, MODEL or FRAM part number, and we'll begin searching our database for compatible parts. You must enter at least one part number. Enter competitor part number(s). For multiple part number look-up, separate with a comma. Enter up to 15 part numbers. We are loading your results, one moment please. You must enter at least one part number. OR use the Advanced Search pull down menus to find your part. We can't seem to find the part you were looking for. Upload a spreadsheet in.CSV format with multiple part numbers. Limit 100. EPA Emission Regulations Manufacturer's Responsibility All new 1999 and more recent Evinrude/Johnson Beginning with 1999 model year outboards, man- outboards are certified to the EPA as conforming ufacturers of marine outboards must determine to the requirements of the regulations for the con-. 2011 GMC YUKON XL 2500 6.0L V8 F/I - All. Page 46: Fuel System Treatment, Internal Engine Treatment. 2011 GMC SAVANA 1500 5.3L V8 F/I - All. 2012 GMC SIERRA 3500 HD 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2009 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 7.0L V8 F/I - All. 2010 GMC YUKON XL 1500 5.3L V8 F/I - All. 2008 GMC SAVANA 3500 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2012 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 7.0L V8 F/I - All. 2008 CHEVROLET EXPRESS 3500 4.8L V8 F/I - All. 2007 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD CLASSIC 6.0L V8 F/I - All. Any opinions contained within publications on GM Truck Central are those of the author and do not necissarily represent the views of GM Truck Central. ROUTINE SERVICE SPARK PLUGS SPARK PLUGS Apply Triple-Guard grease to the gasket surface of the spark plug. Install spark plug and tighten to a torque of 15 ft. lbs. (20 N·m). Spark plugs should be removed and examined periodically. Replace worn, fouled or damaged If the mark is in unshaded area do not tighten any- spark plugs. Save, manage, and share items using My Library. 2012 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500 HD 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2008 GMC YUKON XL 1500 5.3L V8 F/I - All. In regards to the airflow of the filters, the data collected from each filter was very similar with minimal changes between each regardless of filtering media or style of filter being tested. The frequency measured was averaged over approx 30 seconds for each filter (at 5MS/s), however the frequency data would fluctuate as much as a total of 800Hz (+400Hz, and -400Hz) for each filter, so the slight differences seen between the filters is basically inconsequential, and within the tolerances of every other filter. The graph below shows the filter frequency collected data on the blue line, the red line is the frequency averaged between all the filters, as you can see the black error bars encompass the average frequency for every single filter. 2010 GMC SIERRA 3500 HD 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2007 GMC SAVANA 2500 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2012 GMC SAVANA 3500 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2011 GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 6.0L V8 F/I - All. 2007 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 5.3L V8 F/I - All. ROUTINE SERVICE LUBRICATION Trim and Tilt CAUTION Correct fluid level must be maintained to ensure operation of the impact protection built into the unit. Check reservoir fluid level every three years or every 300 operating hours. - System capacity is approximately 21 fl. oz. (620 ml).