Sirva court 2017 settlements

See My Vaccine Lawyer Attorney Max Muller on NBC10. "I was extremely satisfied with the quality of service I received. All representatives of the firm were most helpful, cordial and compassionate.". $70,000 for a New Jersey man who suffered a shoulder injury caused by the tetanus shot. $150,203 for a Pennsylvania TEEN who suffered an anaphylactic reaction to the chickenpox vaccination. The initial reaction occurred within only hours of the vaccination. The auto-immune response led to several food allergies. The client must now carry an Epipen at all times. $120,000 for a Virginia woman who suffered a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery caused by a flu shot. $125,000 for a Pennsylvania man who developed the Miller Fisher variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome after a flu shot. Approximately three weeks after the flu shot, the client noticed left-sided facial paralysis and difficulty speaking. He was initially diagnosed with bell's palsy. He subsequently developed numbness and weakness in his lower extremities. He underwent a spinal tap which revealed elevated protein levels, prompting his treating neurologist to chang the diagnosis to the Miller Fisher variant of GBS. Following treatment, his neurological symptoms mostly resolved but he continued to experience mild facial paralysis. $175,000 for a Pennsylvania woman who suffered a severe reaction after an HPV vaccine. $162,622 for a New Jersey woman who suffered a shoulder injury after a flu shot. The client suffered from edema, tendonitis and bursitis after a flu shot was injected too high on her shoulder. The injury caused her to lose her job as a nurse and take a lower paying job. Our vaccine injury lawyers recovered six figures for pain and suffering along with the projected difference in wages until she was 65 years old. $80,000 for an Oregon man who suffered a shoulder injury after a flu shot. $115,000 for a Mississippi woman who developed a shoulder injury and had surgery after a flu shot. $130,000 for a Pennsylvania woman who suffered a shoulder injury leading to surgery after a flu shot. The client received a flu shot at work and within 24 hours was unable to move her arm. She was diagnosed with bursitis, tendonitis and adhesive capsulitis and treated with physical therapy and a steroid injection. When the treatment failed to provide relief, she was forced to undergo an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, but continued to experience pain and reduced range of motion. $120,000 for a New Hampshire woman who suffered a shoulder injury caused by a tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (TDaP) vaccination. The client was diagnosed with subacromial bursitis. She participated in physical therapy for several weeks, and received a cortisone injection. However, conservative treatment failed and eventually it became necessary to undergo arthroscopic surgery. $80,000 for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania woman who suffered adhesive capsulitis and tendinitis caused by flu shot. $110,000 for a Kentucky man who developed a shoulder injury and had surgery after a flu shot. The client suffered a rotator cuff tear and bursitis following a flu shot. He was treated with physical therapy and a steroid injection but continued to experience pain and limited range of motion. He later underwent an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and debridement. $166,622 for a New Jersey woman who received a flu vaccine at work and suffered a shoulder injury that caused permanent symptoms. $140,000 for an Oklahoma TEEN who suffered Transverse Myelitis following a Gardasil (HPV) vaccination. Approximately two weeks after receiving the second dose of the Gardasil vaccination, the client was admitted to the emergency room with severe weakness in his left leg. He was later diagnosed with transverse myelitis and treated with steroid medication and physical therapy. Although his symptoms improved with treatment, the client continued to suffer from weakness in his left leg and difficulty walking. $148,926.64 for a Wisconsin man who suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome ("GBS") following a flu shot. About two weeks after the flu shot, the client was admitted to the hospital with extremity weakness and difficulty ambulating. Ove r the next three months, he underwent multiple rounds of intravenous immunoglobulin ("IVIG") treatment and inpatient physical therapy. He ultimately made a good recovery with only mild ongoing lower extremity weakness. $271,544 for a Tennessee man who suffered from chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy ("CIDP") after a flu vaccine. $80,000 for a Missouri woman who developed various shoulder injuries after a flu shot. $104,000 for a Delaware woman who suffered frozen shoulder, bursitis, and tendonitis from a flu shot she received at her workplace. The client participated in several weeks of physical therapy in order to strengthen her shoulder. $162,500 for a North Carolina man who suffered Guillain-Barre Syndrome after a flu shot. About three weeks after receiving the flu shot, the client began experiencing numbness and tingling in both feet. He was transferred to the hospital via ambulance and diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome ("GBS"). He continued to experience neurological symptoms including weakness in his legs and feet for about a year after the vaccination. His treatment was complicated by chemotherapy for lung cancer. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] Air Force Village West, Inc. d/b/a Altavita Village. Old Razor Company, LLC (f/k/a/ American Safety Razor Company, LLC), et al. Bally Total Fitness of Greater New York, Inc. (2007). On April 2, 2018, the Trustee filed a Report of Second Interim Distribution. The Report of Second Interim Distribution lists the allowed claim amount for creditors and the amount each creditor will receive as part of the Trustee's second interim distribution in the Fair Finance case. You can access the report here. The report has two exhibits: Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2. If a creditor's name is listed in Exhibits 1 and 2, that creditor should be receiving a check in the amount listed next to his or her name. Creditors should receive a check during the week of April 9th. In re Fair Finance Company, Case No. 10-50494 (JPS). Verity Health System of California, Inc., et al. DSI Holdings, Inc., et al. (Deb Shops, Inc.). Old AII, Inc. (f/k/a Aleris International Inc.), et al. FFRT Development L.P., et. al. (f/k/a FFRT Residential, LLC, et al., f/k/a Fairfield Residential LLC, et al.). Hub Holding Corp., et al., f/k/a Anchor Blue Retail Group, Inc., et al. VEC Liquidating Corporation, et al. f/k/a Velocity Express Corporation, et al. Electronic mail or other communications through this website or otherwise to KCC or any party in connection with any matter will not be treated as privileged or confidential. KCC does not endorse or warrant and is not responsible for any third-party content that may be accessed from this website. Otero County Hospital Association, Inc. (d/b/a Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center). Appleseed's Intermediate Holdings LLC, et al. d/b/a Orchard Brands. Clayton General, Inc., f/k/a Southern Regional Health System, Inc. d/b/a Southern Regional Medical Center. Goldcoast Liquidating, LLC et al. (f/k/a Claim Jumper Restaurants, LLC, et al.). Digital Domain Media Group, Inc. (DDMG), et al. (Creditors' Committee). Provident Royalties, LLC, et al. (Official Investors Committee). Upon obtaining approval for all of these settlements, the Trustee intends to make every effort to carry out an interim distribution to Fair Finance's creditors during calendar year 2015. The Trustee will post an update on this website when further information is available as to amounts and timing. The Trustee will provide the tax forms that creditors need to report their distributions to the extent possible, but all creditors should, of course, consult their own accountants or tax professionals for guidance on how to report any payments the Official Committee of Second Priority Noteholders of Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. TMG Liquidation Company, et al. (f/k/a The Merit Group, Inc., et al.). TSA WD Holdings, Inc., et al. (f/k/a Sports Authority Holdings, Inc.).