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Callaway irons specifications:
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The Rogue X irons feature a premium multi-material construction that combines new technologies with advancements to industry-leading technologies. Historically all irons were forged from a flat piece of metal, which produced a thin clubhead that resembled a blade. Modern investment casting processes enabled manufacturers to easily mass-produce clubs with consistent properties. This manufacturing process was first used by Ping, [4]. Two innovative clubface technologies work together to deliver more ball speed across a huge area of the face for more average distance, swing after swing. 360 Face Cup + VFT for more Ball Speed. For irons, the hosel, an undefined part of the iron, is very noticeable, forming a barrel shape on the inside face of the club and the "heel" of the sole of the club. Many modern irons have a more offset hosel, integrated into the clubhead at a lower point and further from the hitting area of the club. This, combined with the perimeter weighting of modern irons, gives a club with the lowest possible center of gravity and the highest possible usable club face. The shaft is the true engine of the iron. A shaft that is perfectly suited to the individual golfer increases distance and improves accuracy, while a poorly suited shaft can lead to inconsistent, wayward shots and reduced distance. This item has been successfully added to your list. has changed the way that grooves are to be made starting in 2010. In general, the deeper the groove, the more grass can be dispersed behind the ball at impact. This allows control over the amount of spin, which is crucial to flight characteristics of the shot as well as how well received the ball is on the green. The less that is between the ball and the club at impact, the more spin that will be produced which increases the flight trajectory and allows stopping quicker upon hitting the green. Better players benefit the most from deep, sharp grooves as the more clubhead speed is generated, the more spin the player is able to introduce. By forcing manufacturers to lessen the depth and cut on the grooves, the new rules will penalize shots from longer grass slightly more and put a premium on hitting the fairway. Some exclusions apply. See details. Excludes all PING Clubs. You don't have permission to access " on this server. Reference #18.577fcd17.1555458332.7159533d. Although most irons are now produced by investment casting, many high end iron sets are still produced by forging, as the resulting clubhead is easier to adjust by bending to adapt the set to a player's specific needs. The resulting club is also generally thought to have an improved "feel" due to the softer consistency of the forged metal as opposed to cast. The styling is a bit understated holding true to the Rogue theme. Only a simple accent of teal on the badge adds color beyond chrome and black. The thin face is extremely hot and has a lot of room to flex creating fast ball speeds across the face, off-center hits had a minimal loss of distance and ball speed. If you want a forgiving distance iron with lighter shafts packed with the latest tech, get to your local range and give the Callaway Rogue X irons a try. Free Shipping on all Golf Equipment orders over $99! excludes PING. MIM'd Internal Standing Wave for Optimal Flight and Control. and also made it possible to take weight out of the back of the clubhead and distribute it around the perimeter. These perimeter weighted, or cavity back, irons made it much easier to achieve consistent results even when striking the ball outside the "sweet spot", when compared with traditional bladed, or "muscle back", irons. A stroke in which the ball comes directly off the hosel is known as a "shank", and the ball will usually veer off almost at right angles to the intended target line. Driver: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 10.5 Project X Even Flow Blue 75 X-Stiff. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 2018, a division of Pro Golf Discount, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bought Rogue X to replace Ping. Added 20 yards per club and increased accuracy. Was using X95, went to regular graphite. I am 74 years old and really like the clubs and shafts. Some exclusions apply. See details. Excludes all PING Clubs. Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! The new Big Bertha has transformed the super game-improvement iron category. It's our easiest to launch distance iron, and it's led by our groundbreaking Suspended Energy Core. Great club. Long and forgiving. My go to club from the fairway for a long iron. My irons arrived and looked brand new. The grips looked and felt new. The head had no blemishes. Packaged and wrapped well. These clubs are nearly impossible to differentiate from new. They have been hit very few times, if at all, and show almost no wear. These clubs may have been refinished at some point. Only Certified Pre-Owned clubs come with the same 1-year limited warranty against defects you get with any new Callaway Golf club purchase. The promise of a great Certified Pre-Owned club doesn't stop when you hit the course. Just like any new Callaway Golf product, a Certified Pre-Owned club comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects. That means if something happens to your club that is directly related to an original manufacturing defect, we'll fix or replace it. No questions asked. intentional fade so I carry 1 less wedge and an addt'l 4. Provide your email address below and we will send you a new password shortly. Can't wait to get my woods and driver. longer trajectory, and my old custom Eye 2's and I hit these better, higher and longer, period. The newest doesn't mean better. Solid feel and the head jumps a fraction when you. Do you ever wonder if those new club will make a difference. Is the new Technology really that much better. Well wake up and see what it can do for your game. The new GBB Rogue will put a smile back on your face. The ball feels so good coming off the face and goes where you aim. No tricks no gimmicks if you aim straight that's where it goes if you don't then it's not the clubs fault. I feel the new technology helps you swing through the ball with confidence that a good shot will be rewarded. No sting to the finger, not weird ball flight and no coming up short when you new it was the right club. Eligible Trade-In Products: Any club on the Current Trade In! Trade Up! Rate Card. Callaway Golf Pre-Owned reserves the right to refuse any club deemed unacceptable. Please enable JavaScript to use the filters below. I purchased these after looking at them for a couple of seasons. The feel of the hybrids is crisp and the distance you get from them is amazing. The irons are unbelievable, they are at least 1-2 clubs longer than my previous irons, which took some adjustment on the course, but what a great problem to have. They are very forgiving on mishits, and when there is clean contact the ball takes off like it's shot out of a cannon. This was a great buy for me, I'll be keeping these for quite a while. Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! Rogue Irons are the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever in a Callaway iron with our 360 Face Cup and VFT, multi-material construction, and Urethane Microspheres. I bought the Big Bertha's after my playing partner bought a set. They are longer and straighter than any irons I've hit. The fact that I bought an average value set which look and play great but for a lot less than new clubs was. important but IS there, mostly on toe and high center misses. At 50, I can still "muscle up" and hit a proper 185 - 190 yd. 7 iron without losing a ball ( i snap hook every other iron I play when I over swing). My natural flight is a high. Perfect sharp grooves with scoring lines and paint fully intact. These clubs have seen normal use (usually several seasons) but are in better than average shape for that particular model club. They may have some cosmetic imperfections but will look better than the average club in most players' bags. Please note that accessories do not qualify for the Buy-Back Guarantee. Once an accessory has been used, it cannot be returned. The amount we will pay under the Buy-Back Guarantee is based on the length of time you have played the club: 90% back up to 30 days, 80% from 31-60 days, and 70% from 61-90 days. We will issue payment for your accepted trade in clubs within 14-17 business days of receiving your trade. We will submit payment in the same form you used to make your purchase (i.e. credit card, check). A trade will only be accepted toward any new Callaway Epic Flash, Apex 19, 2019 Big Bertha, Rogue/Rogue X/Rogue Pro Irons club(s) of equal or greater value. No refunds or credits will be issued for amounts over the purchase price. Callaway Golf's unwavering commitment to innovation and the creation of new golf technologies is well-established. Because of the company's success in producing easy to use, forgiving golf clubs for every player, there are many imitations. But you can shop confidently with Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet, knowing that Callaway Golf puts its stamp of approval only May have a few brush marks but otherwise perfect. and you have not reached the minimum. The quantity has been adjusted in your cart. Product (s) added to cart for store pick up. The following iron specification information has been compiled from product brochures, golf magazines, and from inquiries to the manufacturers. The year indicated is the specifications noted at that time and may not reflect any changes made during the life of the product. The information is listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name and then model name. No stores were found within 50 miles of. An item in your cart is already marked for pickup at this location. Sorry, this product is not currently available at any of our stores within 50 miles of. To sort by a specific manufacturer, choose the manufacturer from the menu on the right. and you have exceeded the limit. The quantity has been adjusted in your cart. We're sorry, this service is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time. Your order qualifies for a free gift! Redeem your free gift in cart. The product you have selected is out of stock.