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PCHfrontpage VIP ELITE $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE Giveaway No. 13000 Re: 4/26 Prize Event Search Now! Claim 6 entry for 600000 gwy 8055 please activate my VIP elite entries hope i win. PCHfrontpage VIP ELITE Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life (PCH GWY 13000) Plus Win $10,000.00 (PCH GWY 13001) Bonus Cash! Search Now! Yes I really would love to win this prize of $8,000 a week for life this upgrade is a super prize that would be the best thing that ever happened for me in my life. All entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, 4/23/19 from this Bulletin will be eligible for our up to $7,000.00 A-Week-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 13000). 17 April 2018 This is Shelby J.Peto and I am claiming the Ford explorer and the $7000 a week for life as well as the super prize of $1,000,000.00 million dollars, $100,999 thousand, $50,000 and $ 25,000 thousand on the 27 of april 2018 that has been offered to me to win. Thank you. – PCH Entry Claim– In fact, a list of winners is maintained on the website and you can also find a list of winners by searching online. It is important to keep in mind that in addition to the sweepstakes, they also have a number of other giveaways where the prize money is a bit smaller but the odds of winning are much better. For instance, they give away a good number of prizes every few minutes in the search and win giveaway. APRIL 12, 2019 AT 1:55 PM I want to win the up grade from $7,000.00 a week for life prize gwy.no. 13000 to $14,000.00 #1. I would like to win so we can take a vacation and help my family!. PCH SEARCH & WIN, I, BEVERLY BANJURA, CLAIM MY UNIQUE PRIZE #8379-3079-4314 TO WIN MILLIONAIRE SUPER PRIZE 7 000 00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! PCH GWY #11000 & GWY #12776. UPGRADED APPROVED TO 8 000 00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! PCH GWY #11000 & GWY #12776. PRIZE MONIES, SHOULD SAY NUMBERS BE DETERMINED WINNER, IN THAT PRIZE CHECK REQUISITION WOULD BE COMPLETED IN MY NAME, AND FIRST PRIZE CHECK DELIVERED BY PRIZE PATROL ON APRIL 28th, 2019. YES, I'M A VIP ELITE & DEDICATED PLAYER SINCE 2004, YES,YES,YES I WANT TO WIN & HAVE PRIZE PATROL DELIVER THAT "BIG CHECK" TO ME. THANKS PCH, MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! Yes I would love to win the $7,000 a week for Life prize upgraded to 14,000 a week for life price this will be a dream come true for me and my family to win this on April 26th 2019 it would be all the happiness in the world life changing. Yes I want to Win $7,000.00 a week for life! to help my family in need pay my mortage off and give to those in need! Thank You. yes?? I want to win the 7.000.00 a week for life from pch gwy number:13000 Diana Mosley this is from search & win a critical advisory alert. Yes I want to win $7,000.00 a week gwy no. 13000 for life W/ upgrade to $8,000.00 per week and gwy no. 12776 also upgrade to $14,000.00 a week for life! To Help me to guide my family to a Dream come true on April 26th 2019, and to help other's in great need in these times. Reply: Sheryl R. Bork PCHFRONTPAGE VIP ELITE I RRojas Want To Win It All $7,000.00 A Week For Life Pch Gwy #13000 Plus $10,000.00 Pch Gwy #13001 Bonus Cash. . PCH Act Fast FOREVER Prize at Stake, I am claiming ownership and active entries to win $2,500.00 a week forever, then after that, someone of the winner chooses would receive the same amount for their life, 10/26/18 GWY #11000 plus on Prize Day win $10,000.00, GWY #10806 10/26/18. I want to win this prize. PCHfrontpage VIP ELITE WIN $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! (PCH Gwy. No. 13000) PLUS a $25,000.00 Cash Bonus (PCH Gwy. No. 13001) Search Now! I AM CLAIMING AND SECURING THE WINNING NUMBER TO WIN PCH GWY NOS.7600 AND 7667 $4,978,623.00 MARCH 3RD. THANK YOU. PCHSearch&win Please accept and activate my 6X entries to win $600,000.00 VIP Elite Exclusive Reward GWY#8055 Thank you. PCHfrontpage VIP ELITE At Stake $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! On April 26th (PCH Gwy. No. 13000) PLUS I'm claiming my prize number from this very notice to let PCH know I want to win! Search Now. Want to win $7,000.00 a week with upgrade to $8,000.00 a week and pcchgwy no.13000 This would help me payoff all bills and help my Family and Dear friends. Responding to the prize 7000 a week for life, gwy.11000. Hello dear PCH please please can you guys please make me the winner, please l'm beginning. Thanks God bless you guys. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23]