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[ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] DC Zain Nadir– sent to prison for his part in Honey Harman's murder. Webb and Masters investigate the suicide of a young mother, but the case takes an unexpected turn when they discover that she was part of a major loansharking ring, dealing heroin as a way of payment against a substantial unpaid loan. Harman goes undercover to catch the loan shark's contact at a family centre, and an arrest allows Webb to set up an operation to catch the ringleaders in the act. However, the OBBO is compromised when the estranged husband of the deceased attacks the loanshark. Meanwhile, Valentine and Casper investigate an alleged armed robbery in a local pub, where the landlord was robbed of £4,000 of takings from a stag party the previous night. However, they soon begins to realise that the man might not be as honest as they thinks he is. Heaton is grilled by Hobbs when he tells the team about the plan to close down a Canley police station, after a press leak. PC Honey Harman– shot dead by drugs baron Kristen Shaw. Reza Moradi Chris Murray 18 January 2007 ( 2007-01-18 ). Nixon and Turner's quest to discover the identity of the serial arsonist takes an interesting turn when they discover that Jay Henderson's ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Wilkes, who claims to be pregnant with his baby, has links to all three of the locations where fires took place– the first being her TEENhood home, and the second being a foster home where she was placed while she was in care. Smith and Walker investigate a claim of assault after a market trader is angrily confronted by one of his customers. When the trader retaliates by attacking the customer's heavily pregnant wife, Smithy tries to calm the situation down by convincing all parties involved not to press charges, and the pair decide to take their relationship further, as Smith asks her to move in. Nixon tells Turner & Hunter she'll be the new DI. Ackland tells Stamp and Hollis she plans to retire, but they join forces to investigate a young boy who is caught in the process of stealing copper piping from derelict flats on the Aldbourne estate. However, they are left bemused when the developer refuses to press charges against him. In an attempt to force him into taking action, Ackland challenges him over one of the derelict flats which is being used as a drugs den. Meanwhile, Smithy's birthday goes from bad to worse when he arrests a man for dangerous driving, and then bails him– unaware that he has given a false identity and that he is the ringleader of a car robbery scam. As the team setup an obbo to catch him in the act, he manages to escape once more after producing a firearm. When Walker disappoints him with every attempt at a birthday surprise, a day Smithy doesn't care for, they agree to end their relationship. PC Sally Armstrong ( Cop Killer, Part One -). Episodes 484 and 485 were the first episodes to be broadcast out of production order. Despite at the time not even being billed for broadcast, and the 'previously' and 'next time' segments not matching the episodes around them, the episodes were brought forward due to heavy demand from the British viewing public, who were on tenterhooks to see the conclusion of the long-running Zain Nadir and Kristen Shaw storyline. This also meant that the 'previously' and 'next time' segments on the subsequent episodes had to be re-edited to show this, and that two small additional scenes had to be recorded to be placed into Episode 480 to reference the death of Honey Harman. For the DVD release, to avoid confusion, these episodes have been re-numbered and now serve as 480 and 481, with the following four episodes re-numbered to 482–485 respectively. DS Max Carter ( Assault on Sun Hill, Part One -). Diana Patrick Tom Needham 25 January 2007 ( 2007-01-25 ). Nadir breathes a sigh of relief when he awakes in hospital. Jose Alvarez is keeping quiet, Paul Haskew was shot dead after a standoff with SO19, and CID don't suspect Nadir helped Kristen Shaw escape. However, he is deeply emotional about the death of Honey at Bonham Wharf. Meadows asks Manson to keep an eye on Nadir, after he hands over a sketchy statement. When a body is pulled from the water, things look all but set to unravel, until the victim is identified as missing informant Eva Garcia. During an interview, Alvarez makes a comment about Nadir's betrayal to the police, but Meadows & Heaton interpret it to be about the deal, and assume it is a death threat, so Nadir goes into a safehouse. Meanwhile, Keane and Hardy investigate a burglary and discover that the homeowners were gassed with Nitrous Oxide before being ransacked. CSE Lorna Hart ( Inner Demons– Moving Target, Part Three ). CSP Rachel Inns– jailed for murdering Cindy Statham and holding Jo Masters hostage. PC Leela Kapoor– offered a transfer to the Foreign and Commonwealth office. Sergeant Callum Stone ( Good Cop, Bad Cop -). Gill Wilkinson Chris Ould 21 February 2007 ( 2007-02-21 ). CPS Lawyer Matt Hinckley– charged with abusing his former lover and wife. Nadir returns to work after a week in a safehouse, but immediately panics when Gold launches a formal search for Harman, after she fails to report to work following her holiday. Nadir decides to fake a witness statement given by the passenger who supposedly sat next to Harman on her flight out of the country, but a boarding photo from Gatwick airport confirms that Harman never got on the plane. When her fingerprints are found at Bonham Wharf, a search of the area is launched, and it's not long before divers find her body. Meanwhile, Webb, Keane and Hardy investigate a burgling con-man responsible for a string of robberies, and discover that one of the victims is none other than Heaton's estranged wife, Rhiannon. This series saw the return of several multi-part story arcs, the likes of which had last featured in the second half of Series 17. Again, several new characters were introduced into the show, including several semi-regular characters, such as non-operational police staff and crime scene examiners. The series also saw the departure of the show's longest-running cast member to date, with Trudie Goodwin leaving the role of June Ackland, and her final episode being broadcast on 8 March 2007. This was also the last episode not to feature an on-screen title. A new title sequence was introduced at the beginning of the series, however, the theme tune remained the same, albeit slightly re-arranged. Manson investigates when grieving father Rick Harris appears to abduct a young boy from outside a local medical centre, unaware that the boy is a diabetic and must have regular medication to ensure his blood sugar levels remain the same. With the help of James Tennant ( Neil Stuke ), Manson manages to track Rick down to a houseboat which he used to live on– but soon discovers that the boy is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Ackland investigates when the youngest of the lottery winning Hendersons, Kyle, begins a campaign of harassment against headteacher Rod Jessop. When Jessop is injured in a hit and run, Ackland goes to find Kyle, only to respond to a call about a fire at the Henderson's home. Karen Henthorn guest stars. Alan Macmillan Mark Johnson 10 January 2007 ( 2007-01-10 ). Gold and Valentine find a man who has been assaulted and locked in the boot of his car. When he turns out to be a probation officer working at the local women's prison, Nixon and Masters discover an allegation of rape against the victim made by one of the inmates, but the investigation progresses, and the pair discover a string of blackmail claims where the victim offers the inmates a chance of parole in return for sex. Meanwhile, Hardy witnesses a mugging on his way into work, but soon discovers that the alleged victim may be not be as innocent as he first thought, as he uncovers a scam where the victim offers his clients the chance to skip a British Citizenship test in return for payment. PC Billy Rowan– murdered during his first day on duty.