Ar 15 handguards carbine

. All parts are from quality MILSPEC manufacturers made in the U.S.A. We also have. online to help. Remember: You Will need a lower receiver to complete the. AR 15 Carbine rifle kit comes with a 16" Heavy Match 1x9 twist barrel attached to Mil-spec upper, and CAR length hand guards. The CAR kit comes with your choice of A-2 or standard flat-top upper, lower parts kit, and your choice of A-2 Buttstock or CAR stock (pictured). Available with HBAR or LW contour barrel! style, 7.62 X 39, 6.8 SPC II, 6.5 Grendel, and. M-16 lower Parts kit, safe, semi, and full auto. AR-15 Rifle kits, M-16 parts and accessories. Top quality, U.S. Mil-Spec parts. Welcome to We carry AR-15 rifle parts from military contract and private manufacturers, complete ar-15 rifle kits, and accessories for the AR-15 and M-16 military rifles. AR-15 Carbine Kit with 16" barrel. A-2 upper available. M-16 lower Parts kit, safe, semi, and full auto. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used. , and more to accommodate nearly any shooter comfortably. Rifle kits include our. and M16 rifle parts kits made by MIL-SPEC Military contract manufacturers and other name brand companies. Other quality manufacturers of parts used in our AR15 kits include,